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If you have any questions please check out our knowledge base where you can find answers to frequent asked questions if we haven’t answered your question or if you want to ask us something ‘please do’ our expert support staff are here to help 24/7, just drop us an email at and we will reply you right back.

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Join Tyrocircle Campus Ambassador Programme


We at Tyrocircle are looking for campus ambassadors to help spread our message and to share our vision in your campus. To become a campus ambassador, you have to be enthusiastic, creative and have excellent communication and networking skills. You should be passionate about higher education and Tyrocircle vision. You should be a current student or academic.

 What you will do  

  • Your work as a campus ambassador mainly involves promoting Tyrocircle to students and academics by spreading the word on campus and through social media 
  • You will have an opportunity to design and launch a social media campaign within your institution
  • You will build strong relationships between Tyrocircle and your institution departments (Library, ICT and Career/Alumni etc.)
What you get? 
  • The chance to win an mini iPad and surprising gifts 
  • Personal development
  • Represent your campus 
  • Gain valuable experience working with a young start up
  • Develop your skills, knowledge and experience for something valuable on your CV
Join Now!

To apply, please contact us at along with your full name, institution/campus name and contact number. 

Click here to print a PDF version for this programme to display on your campus notice board. 

Launch of Tyrocircle New Website


We are very pleased to announce that our new website ‘Tyrocircle’ is live and ready for the academic world to view. Our designers and developers have been very busy creating this platform and now we are ready and very excited to excel your learning experience.   

Our goal with this new website is to provide students, academics and alumni with an easy way to learn how Tyrocircle can enhance their learning and teaching experience.

So what is ‘Tyrocircle’?

Tyrocircle is a social communication and collaboration platform for modern and mobile learning. We provide students, academics and alumni with everything that they need to communicate in real-time. Making Tyrocircle the new way to teach, learn and collaborate.  

Click here to become part of Tyrocircle – its free and only takes 30 seconds.

Once you have signed up you will have all your academic community at your fingertips.

Happy Learning and teaching, please share us with your friends and colleagues.

                         Lets change the way we teach and learn.